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Bag Dump Stations

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Bag Dump Stations

Bag Dump Station 01If you make something from powders, it usually means that one or more of your basic ingredients comes to you in paper bags of one size or another. This means that you are faced with having to address the following challenges:

  • The ergonomic issues associated with the lifting and handling of the bags to minimize operator injury
  • The dumping of the bags with little to no operator exposure to dust
  • Product quality with respect to lumps and paper content
  • The ergonomic and safety issues of the disposing of empty bags
  • Finding the best means to transfer the bagged product into your process system

Bag Dump Stations

At IEDCO, we custom design and build our own bag dump stations. The needs of every job are different which is why we have not built the same bag dump station twice. Whether your bag handling challenges are simple or complicated, IEDCO is uniquely positioned to provide the solution.

System Features Can Include

  • Bag Dump Station 02Stainless steel or mild steel construction
  • Dust collection port to hook up with existing dust collection system
  • Integral screener to prevent paper or other non-product materials from entering the process
  • Hinged cover with gasketing
  • Conical Outlet terminated at a tri-clover connection for mating to downstream process
  • Fluidized hopper bottom for reliable and complete product discharge
  • Integral bag compactor (optional)
  • Wash nozzles (optional)
  • Integral cartridge dust collector (optional)
  • Pneumatic bag lifting equipment to handle bags safely and effortlessly (optional)
  • Pallet lift tables to keep bags at an ideal height during unloading (optional)

Bag Dump Station 03Bag Compactors

When you empty bags you generate a lot of trash and removing the empty bag from the confines of the bag dump station to a trash bin generates spillage. Incorporating a bag compactor into the bag dump station can be the solution to this problem. The compactor can be configured into the side of the bag dump station or be designed to serve multiple bag dump stations - back to back or in line. When mounted to a filtered bag dump station, the bag compactor utilizes the dust collection system in the bag dump to keep the worker environment dust free during bag compaction.

Bag Dump Station 06Semi-Automatic Bag Cutter

IEDCO has developed a pneumatically operated Semi-Automatic Bag Cutter that removes the cutting process and the blade from the operator’s hands. A rodless cylinder is fitted with a circular cutting blade which is stowed within a plastic casing at either end of the cylinder stroke when not in use. When the cylinder is actuated, the cutter will traverse the length of the bag, cutting it open. After the bag is cut, the operator can empty the bag into the receiving vessel, or, if fit with the optional pneumatic cylinders, the hinged grates can be raised to a 35 to 45 degree angle and then lowered. During this action, the slit side of the bag is opened wider, permitting the contents to empty through the grating and into the hopper below. This action can be repeated as necessary, before the operator finishes the process of emptying the bag.

Bag Dump Station 05Bag Dump Station 04When containment is a priority, the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and even chemical and food industries are turning to plastic powder transfer bags for their single use efficiency and cost savings.

These flexible bags feature an ergonomic handle and tri-clamp inlet/outlet, and are designed for contained transfer of the bagged product to the receiving vessel.

IEDCO has designed solutions to fill, discharge, lift, and transport these contained powder transfer bags. Our years of experience catering to the pharmaceutical industry make us a perfect partner for any project featuring this type of contained bag technology.

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